INSTINCT RUST COMMUNITY BLOG #3 17 August 2019

WE ARE BACK! Ive been away over seas and its been a very long few weeks without all the juice that is RUST COMMUNITY BLOG! So without further delay, HERE IT IS!


Reaching out into the vast darkness of the steam artwork I found some amazing and interesting finds. This first piece of artwork comes from steam user Slaur3n and artwork signed by “Kostevik” a nice little cartoon depiction of a scene from rust. Very clean! But remember kids, twig is cheap but twig is WEAK!

Tovarishch showcasing a wolfenstine style gif from back in the old days of when computers had floppy disks and we hadn’t been privileged to rust yet.

Bit of left field we have fan art done for a new clown AK skin by artist dapangea, this artist used inspiration from mad max with the rust skins and came up with this amazing piece. But it looks like perhaps the circus really will come to town after all.. stay classy San Diego! *ahem* anyway.


Steam user Mr SeiF has started 3D printing his own rust AK47 and Im jealous as hell it looks absolutely amazing! So much work has gone into this.

Redditor Voltage38 posted this rust inspired post apocalyptic scence, I am getting rust vibes but the scene is almost jungle style, perhaps he might be able to convince the devs for a new biome idea with this awesome concept!

Last but not least! Snowballfred has been working on a custom map BAR in rust for the upcoming charitable rust! I am super excited to see this in action. Its so bloody realistic well done mate !

See you next week!
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Welcome aboard Rust lovers! This weeks community blog has some amazing work from across the Planet, so grab a seat and read on!


Reddit user Shark-a-holic has you covered with these rust inspired cornflakes! They sound like they have the perfect amount of salt and plenty of other side effects. I only bought mine for the free frog boots!


I don’t know why, but this drawing from reddit user Five_E is just so damn cute in a weird hazzy suit reddit kinda way. Would look good slapped on the side of my PC as a sticker.

Twitter user @Rusty_Pablo tweeted this awesome game of thrones chad piece. Cant wait to see the finished product!

Every time Veys El Kara does art, It’s a masterpiece. Checkout this new skin concept from twitter. AMAZING!


Combat rust has made a nice set of puzzle guides. These are super handy if you are new to the game or CBF working it out yourself. Very clear, very easy to follow! Well done mate hope to see many more.


When it comes to telling a story, everyone loves to gather around the campfire when Ser Winter tells one. His 3 part series starting with "Defending The Perfect Start" is the classic example of how to snowball from naked to geared in no time without having to grind your way to the top, but instead finding a decayed base first. But there is always someone who will want to raid you for it all. Watch on as it unfolds part 2 & 3 are ready for your viewing pleasure!

See you next week!
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Welcome all rust lovers! This is INSTINCT COMMUNITY BLOG 1 from myself, riZZa. Since we lost our beloved Facepunch community blog, I've taken the liberty to write my own for this amazing community every week! Sit back, relax & enjoy all the amazing work that filters in from around the world!


First feature is from TronaN he has been creative enough to cut a lifetimes worth of rust in game sounds to recreate the song “Old town road”. The patience cutting each clip would have been enough to send any man crazy! Great work we want more!


I love a good bit of speed art especially when its rust related. David Keleeva created this amazing fan art and It came out stunning. Here is the end product, but also check out the video of its creation too its so great to see an artist at work like this!

I stumbled across Fletchers profile and found his amazing artwork. By the information I've gathered the artwork is for HumenBrain’s Youtube channel which can be located here, maybe even learn some Russian? The artwork really captures rust. Make sure you check it out here!

I also found this hand drawn artwork by ImPinguu


There will always be a time when the new bow champion will move up into the ranks *step aside ser winter* and woo us with their skills. Not only is Valleys bow skills on point but the editing to the music had me all fuzzy.


Raid cams are slowing dying and it may be a bit pompous to include my own content, but I made it for the community so … Why the hell not eh? Clans battle is out in an amazing sunset while a night time slaughter fest continues, rockets are flying and the cinematics fill the night air. Filmed on a large official server, make sure you help keep the raid cam alive and take a look!


Lies, deception and betrayal! Sounds like an everyday in rust to me, but Shadowfrax has taken it a step further by replicating a game similar to town of salem but in Rust! It was hilarious to watch the introductions and the ongoing dialogs, I cannot wait for more like this from shadowfrax!

See you next week!
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